The spirit of fragrance & flavor Industry in India

You are never fully dressed without perfume”. – C Joybell C.

Gone are the days when a perfume or a flavor used to be all natural. Indian flavor and fragrance manufacturing companies are gearing up to the trends of making everything possible to make your day start with a good note as well end it with a good note.

Mainly the flavor and fragrance industry consists of; fragrances, flavors, essential oils, aroma chemicals and specialty aroma ingredients. FMCG industry is largest consumer of fragrances mainly the home care, personal care and food industry for flavors. FMCG growth has given that impeccable push to the Indian Flavor and Fragrance industry and thus is the global trend also. Lifestyle is changing and day to day usage of cosmetics, home care, personal care items is growing high giving fragrance industry a strong push. Same way, packaged food, beverages industry is helping flavor houses to grow up.

World F & F industry is expected to grow by 4.5% and to reach $27 Billion by 2016. Consumer Interest in natural products is growing day by day and this is giving the industry its very required push. Basically lifestyle change is the major reason for home care and personal care industry which in return helps the F & F industry in general. Personal care items these days becoming more natural as the customer behavior is changing and adopting to naturals. FMCG companies through out the world are now changing their R & D methods to suffice this requirement of the market.

India has always been the place to creativity when it comes to perfumery and fragrance. Good old time of history were written on scented papers in ancient times here in India. This shows how perfumery has evolved in India. Today multinational companies along with Indian companies are looking back to those days to return as the customer behavior is also supportive. The story of Indian “Ittar” or “Attar” is as old as the Indian civilization. Knowledge of perfumery and essential oil distillation and usage was very typically passed from generation to generations in ancient India. Which has faded with time, sometime between the various economic and social calamities that India has gone through. Ancient scripts like “Gandhayukti” has proved it right.

In today’s India

Long moved with the time, today almost a bigger portion of fragrance raw materials are synthetics and depend upon various chemical reactions. Various plant species are nearly in an extinction phase. Naturals has become a complex affair now-a-days. And that’s the reason healthy benefits of fragrances has gone down. Fragrances, perfumes, flavors are now-a-days sold only because of their respective smells and tastes.

Every youngster today carries a deodorant in his backpack. It has become an essential part of our life. Seemed like mirage 20 years back is a hard to believe fact today. Today mainly FMCG companies like; ITC, HUL, P & G, Reckitt, Wipro, Dabur, Marico are major consumers of fragrances and flavors. Apart from some Indian names to add to that list, majorly the fragrance & flavor Industry in India is highly unorganized. In terms of supplier mainly Indian Fragrance & Flavor Industry not a very big number of suppliers. Leading domestic companies like; S H Kelkar, Ultra International, Oriental International, Khatri Aromas are fighting strong with MNC giants like; Givaudan, Firmenich, Mane and others. A major market share chunk is with the multi-national companies. Due to its volatile nature this particular industry has a lot many unorganized players and they tend to supply a good volume to various local FMCG brands.

Today multinational companies like; Givaudan, Symrise, IFF are targeting the Indian consumer highly. Symrise has set up a perfumery school in Chennai and it is the first one outside Germany. IFF has set up a manufacturing unit to speed up its sales in Gurgaon. Things are changing the Indian F & F industry as in sync with the consumer behavior. With the Govt. changing its policies, it is becoming easier for the international fragrance houses to set up their manufacturing units here in India with a vision to change the perspective of the market.

India is a land of opportunity, there is always place for new players. The market will be very organized by 2020 and by then, if you are thinking of jumping into this market, then you must have. With more than a billion population any one company can not suffice our need. There is a need and urge of new players in the market with a strong emphasize on the R & D part. Let’s go back to those days and study what our fore fathers taught us about perfumery and design perfumes those are beneficial to health and aroma perception both. The spirit of the market goes on with the spirit of the customer.

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