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Eucalyptus oil:    Eucalyptus has been a fond choice of aroma therapists & casual users. Its medicinal aroma along with a fresh woody smell gives an essence of cleanliness. Nchant Eucalyptus oil is invigorating & makes you feel fresh & stay healthy.

Frankincense oil: Often called as the most rare & holy oil, frankincense works well as a beauty enhancer. A natural perfume & gift of nature to human beings. Nchant Frankincense oil will fill your home with calm & serenity.

Grape Fruit oil: This beautiful citrusy essential oil has a fresh & rejuvenating aroma. Nchant Grape Fruit oil when used gently on your laundry it gives your clothes a fresh touch. Nchant Grape Fruit works wonders in soap making also.  A Vibrant & inducing Nchant Grape Fruit oil has versatile uses.

Lavender oil: A must have oil for individuals & aroma therapists. Nchant Lavender oil comes from far Himalayan Land and its calming & relaxing properties ease tension & help you sleep. Use it for uplifting your mood, as massage oil, in diffusers and in many other ways. Have a good night sleep, use Nchant Lavender oil.

Lemongrass oil: Nchant Lemongrass oil helps improve your home atmosphere with its sweet fragrance. It works as an antibacterial and helps promote alertness. Lemongrass can also be used to promote healthy skin cells renewal. Mixing 2-3 drops of this oil with moisturizer can help in alleviating period cramps and aches when massaged.

Orange oil: Nchant orange oil leaves you with joyful sensations because of its anti-depressant characteristics. Hold on longer to your fresh morning emotions and keep away your stress, add couple of drops of Nchant orange oil to your bath tub. It’s citrusy and tart aroma will make you rejoice those small moments again and again.

Peppermint oil: Nchant Peppermint oil is most beneficial when used topically to soothe sore muscles and calm your body. Enjoyed in Aromatherapy and as an inhaler, Nchant Peppermint oil helps soothe minor cough and cold as a decongestant. Mix soothing Nchant Peppermint Oil with a few drops of Nchant Lavender oil to feel revitalized and healthy.

Rosemary oil: Nchant Rosemary oil as a vaporizer has magical properties that encourage alertness and control. Massaging a little Nchant Rosemary oil with Nchant Lavender oil can also ease mild headaches and help you breathe freely. Use Nchant Rosemary Oil for massaging with carrier oil to stay active all day long.

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2 reviews for Set Of 8 Oils

  1. Suzan

    I have ordered this set of 8 essential oils for the first time through online mode. I am very fond of aromatherapy. I use various essential oils during meditation and reading & writing time

  2. Pavan Somu

    The quality of the essential oil seems to be good. It has helped relieve the pain to some extent. Used a combination of peppermint, eucalyptus. It works amazing. Thanks

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